Some links I’ve collected in the past few weeks>

Nike/Bausch-Lomb lenses
Nike/Bausch and Lomb, accuracy improving sport contact lenses

Whisky bottle mod


Google Scholar: Search for academic papers, books, journals etc. In that I found the original 1953 Gerald Goertzel’s “An Algorithm for the Evaluation of Finite Trigonometric Series“, which was the first one to describe the new fourier transform algorithm I’ll try to implement as soon as I be back to porto alegre. However, to access that paper file you have to pay, or be inside one of the universities that have access. UFRGS doesn’t =/.



So, this my first post to this weblog, somewhat like a week after I’ve registered to ^^.

Well, as I’ll write in the about page, this is intended to be a collection of my favorite image-related webpages and a quick journal of my weedkday’s work.

Just to introduce myself, my name is Yumi, I’m 20, I’m a full-time fifth semester electric engineering student, and I’ve been working as a scholarship holder (undergraduate) at the Signal and Image Processing Lab (LaPSI) in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul for almost four months now. It’s a very pleasant job because I get the chance to learn a lot and is also a very fun environment ^^.

Now I’m working on medical image processing using the fast fourier transform c++ algorithms. A good introduction to the topic can be found here.

I’ve got this sample pdf from CPU GEMS magazine, which description had just amazed me! It’s a shame it’s so expensive (U$59.90 in USA!) because it has A LOT of state-of-the-art image technology and is absolutely eye-pleasant!! (btw itis published by NVIDIA, the manufacturer of the GeForce video cards).
I was writing a way much better first post but my computer just crashed while I was i the middle of it =/.